Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Notice From Diva Design

In my class we are getting ready for market day as you all know that it is coming up.If you do not know what I am talking about then scroll down to look at my advert.This is my business plan.

Diva Design Notice

This week me and my group are doing a face painting store and this is our budget. We hope to see you at the market day!

Students:Yvette, Rangi and Jahnel

Face paints
$2.50 - (to  Rangi)
Paint brushes
Rented from room 5 $1.00
Face sponge
$2.50- (to Rangi )
Total costs

Expenses (one off and ongoing)
Advertising free

Sign made with class resources

Extra face paints
Total expense

Income (money that people will pay)

Per product
How much I expect to sell? 12
Amount 12 - $24.00 - $21.00 =

To make a profit we need to sell at least 11 to make a profit
For example,

I used $ 21.00 to pay for all my expenses. I sell each product for  $ 2.00.  Our goal is to sell 16 face paints that will make our income $32.00. Our profit will be $11.00

Drinking Water Is Good

In my class we are doing explanation writing about why we should not have sugary drinks as often as we do. I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Diva Designs

We are learning to create adverts to hook in people. Some things I was good at: happy and excited faces, happy instrumental music and big words. We hope you come down.   

Friday, November 3, 2017

Staying Sporty

This is my writing assessment. I have tried to independently improve my sentences. I am looking to check that they make sense. I am checking my punctuation. I think that I was successful at organising my sentences.

Staying Sporty
I strongly believe that sports is way more important than music. Some people think that music is more better than sports, but they are wrong. Sports is more important than music.

Firstly, Why I say that sports is vital for you is because. What are you going to do about your health when you're listening to music? Infact, is it going to do to your health? It definitely is not going to make you fit that’s for sure. Well, if you play or do something sporty then yes it will be good for your health. I mean right? If you didn’t do any sports then your health won’t be as good as it can be.

Secondly, why I say that sports is vital for your health is because when you at least play or do something sporty it’s an it helps your health. Sometimes it can be an effective way for having a good health and that’s what everyone wants right good health? I would want that.  it’s very appalling to see your not even trying to be sporty not even in the littlest way. Come on New Zealand  don’t you want to be part of the Olympic. I would if I could. Be fit think about your health come on.

Lastly, why I think being sporty is good for you is because when you do just the littlest thing you are trying to be sporty. I mean wouldn’t you be trying? I think you would be and I know you would be. Don’t you think it’s fun in the littlest way? I find it very entertaining in every way because it’s good and beneficial for my health and yours’. Go outside don’t be a potato couch the dirt won’t hurt you. Believe me, you would not want to be the loner the one who never talks to others. Come on go outside even for a minute make your adrenaline pump.  
In summary, As I said before I strongly believe that sports is way more important than music. Be healthy and fit on every way.