Friday, March 31, 2017

Where does the waste go?

This week i was learning how to use lead Sentences  in my persuasive writing. one thing i found easy was that i knew i needed to ask the readers questions throw out my story i hope you like my persuasive writing.

I strongly believe that we should stop taking our rubbish to the landfill and start using our three R’s. Do you know what the three R’s are? They are reuse, recycle and reduce and we should be using them right now. Do you agree or disagree With this idea? If i were you i would consider saying “yes” because i sure don’t want to live in a huge dump with rats.    

Please consider this for the health of the environment,recycling is the most worse thing we all have a problem with. How are we going to change that? By leaving it for Someone else to recycle for you? Or you recycle it yourself?  How can we stop that from  happening? I know how. We can remind each Other. For example   you can say “hey you forgot to recycle your rubbish” to remind them, so they have a chance to save our world from becoming a dump.  

Let’s stop all stop our landfill from being bigger. Or in other words help our environment from becoming a dump.
Do we want to live in a dump? If you ask me i would say “NO” ask yourself this little question.  How can we stop our environment from being a dumping place?  

What you should think about and consider. how can we all work together to stop landfill from getting larger?.  we can cooperate together as a family, and stop our world from being a dump this day on who would like to help make the world a better place for everyone to live on.   

In summary, I strongly believe that we should stop taking our rubbish to the landfill and start look after our environment and use our three R’s.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

This is my data

I am learning how to read data and display it.

  1. Why are titles so important? To tell the people what the data is about
  2. What information is given on the Y axis?  Tells you what they voted for like compost 9 people voted that.
  3. What information is given on the x axis? To share what people voted for
  4. How many more people give their waste to animals than for compost? 4
  5. Write a statement about this information my statement would have to be 13 people at tautoro school like to give their organic waste to the animals. My next statement is there was 4 more people that voted on give their organic waste to their animals and only 9 people voted on putting their organic waste into the compost . my last statement is that less people do nothing with their organic waste and a person puts their organic waste in a worm farm. So 1 person puts organic waste in the worm farm and 3 do nothing with their organic waste.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What Is This?

this week i have been learning to gather, sort and display information. We wanted to find out what families at Tautoro school do with their waste.

Firstly we created a questionnaire. Then we made tally charts and used google sheets to present the information. One thing I learned about: was that we all needed to cooperate and work as a team to get this done in time  and I learned how to set up a tally charts now I also know its a good thing to have a closed question which is a yes and no on a questionnaire.

what do you recycle

Friday, March 24, 2017

Did you know this about waitangi?

 i have been trying to learn more about what we did that day. and we learned many things my next step is to come up with more interesting info.

Last Friday Tautoro School went on a trip to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds.

The four places we visited were:
5.Treaty house  
The part of the trip I enjoyed the most was going to james busby's house   

Waitangi Trip    

On friday 2017, me and my whole school went to waitangi and we learnt very many things. My bairn was to full of facts and it felt like my brain had TO MANY THINGS!. And then had  been broken and the facts had been lost and once that happened i had been brainless. But we continued to walk.  We saw so many pretty things and it sure took my breath away i knew i needed to remember all of this.  Guess what i forgot about my note book full of things about waitangi like the waka, flag stuff, marae and james busby's house lucky i had this stuff or i wouldn't  be here talking to you guys. I hope your school day was as good as mine.

What are fractions?

this week we have been learning about fractions of a number and we needed to all be successful with this. 
my next step is to be more active about getting more done.   

Thursday, March 2, 2017

away ill

I have not been at school i was ill at home so, i missed out on my waka hoe clip but go check out some other blogs and have fun.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Huge Waves!!

I have tried to proof read my own writing

Trip To The Wave Pools  

On the 4th 2017. me and my whole family went to the wave pools.          
   “it was so much fun until the waves had STOPPED” was it the people thinking i was having too much fun. Or were they trying to be mean to us. But i found out it was normal they needed to
stop the waves., so the other  people can go in the slide and the slide was. scary at first because  there was a black side but it was the end it was awesome so that's it i hope you had an awesome holiday as good as mine.