Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My Book!

This week my class has been reading a book of our choice and I chose this book.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Cause And Effect What Happens Next?

WALT use write cause and effect sentences.
To be successful we will:
  1. Think about an cause (event) and what happens because of it (effect)
  2. Use cause and effect connectives such as because of this, as a result, as a consequence and when this happens…
  3. Check that full stops are at the end of the idea (remember it will be simple, compound or complex)

Topic: Toxic things

One big problem is that workers are getting sick all because of making the newest tech. It's killing them, also they need the money to help their family and feed them. They don’t know how much of a risk it is to work there everyday soon or later they're going to hurt themselves or, kill themselves.
People are working in factories and because of this they are killing themselves.

I know I was successful because I used cause and effect connectives and others.

This is me and my group taking apart a computer!.