Friday, June 15, 2018

Speech Critique

Today was Class Speech day most of us didn't want to
present there speech, but it didn't matter what
we wanted to do we still needed to do our speeches. For my speech
I did, Animal Cruelty Should Be Stopped. I think the real challenging part
was when I had to do my hand gestures.

I had.....
  • Emotive Language
  • Rhetorical Questions
  • Grammar & Punctuation
  • Time Words
I think I needed some more.....
  • Hand Gestures
  • Examples
Here is my video of me saying my speech in front of my class room.
I truly hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hour Of Coding

Minecraft Coding
WALT: Code and create our own version of Snappy, Star Wars, Dragon Blast and MineCraft.
I will write a quality blog post explaining how we worked our way through the stages.
I will screenshot my work showing the blocks I used to create my code.

We have been learning to code.  The coding I chose was Minecraft. I enjoyed playing hour of code. It was challenging when i needed to get past the water .I helped others by saying them parts of the way. I didn't need help with anything. It took me 35 mins to get to stage 10.  When I finished the 12 stages I got a certificate.  I took screenshots as I worked my way through the stages.  When you look at the screenshots you can see how I used blocks to create the code which made the characters move.