Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Yucky Rubbish!

This week we have been learning about rubbish and plastics you know all of those srot of things. anyways, well today we had to make one of those flow chart type of things. Well we had to make one of these this one is mine. I believe this is what happens to them.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Comment Of The Week

This is my comment of the week. Reflection: I think this comment is okay, the only part I messed up on is giving help on what he should work on or fix up on his punctuation.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


On a sunny day, (not really but this is how I remember it) me and cousin
Mystery were playing with her dolls and, yes it's torture! At least I think it is.
I believe dolls are creepy. THEY WATCH YOU that's for sure.
I know this because mine tried to kill me (lying). Anyways, my little cousin lives with my old evil dolls,
yeah, the ones I said that tried to kill me. I swear when she went to take a number 1  or 2, one tried to
follow me outside, when she came back in after, she yelled at me for not looking at them and trying to
read their mind. she said this. “ OMG YVETTE YOU’RE MEANT TO WATCH THEM AND READ THEIR
MIND”, I said this to her. “ i’m so sorry im not that smart Miss but I know this. You can't read plastic
minds”. She replied saying. “Just try at least i will know if you’re a tiny bit smart”. Of course i said this.”
OMG, OMG she said something…. im dumb, is that good enough”. She said “no”. I said “ okay well
then i’m  done playing with you”. She said this to me “Okay i guess i’m just going to watch you”.
I stared at her with wide eyes. “BYE MISS”. I thought to myself ‘omg is she really going to watch me,
is she going to watch me or will the dolls, I should grab the nerf gun just incase this really does become
a reality’. So yes of course I had a back up, her brother Tristan also known as my cousin. Me and him
geared up. I told him to go in front of me so if anything were to happen it would happen to him first and I

get the opportunity to boost it. Again I said to myself ‘ i’m so going to boost it when he gets hurt’.
But just as I was getting ready to go behind enemy lines and then “BOO!” my cousin Major, well he
made his older brother Tristan cry and yes he is another cousin of mine.Him and his brother like has
this thing going on at the moment. Tristan said “go away you ugly cow. Me well I just stood there
confused. I saw her she was peeking down from their loof. She gives me the creeps. Just as I was
running into the kitchen my aunty was there. She said “Is Miss trying to play dolls with you again”.
Of course I said “yes please take them away from her or tell her to lock them away, THEIR WATCHING
ME!”. She said “tell her yourself”. Me well I said “no thanks”. Just as I went back to the room Shonagh
my sister came to get me and I went home. Sadly I know my old dolls watch me.