Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How do i sound?

 I think I was successful at speaking clearly and loudly, pause at full stops and commas and not rushing on my reading. one thing I need to work on is changing up my speed and sound of my voice.                

Friday, May 12, 2017

84 years and the next day

This week i have been learning to use juicy words and sentences in my recounts.  

  • Choose ideas that we can add more information for our reader (feeling, thoughts, what we saw)
  • Add interesting adjectives and verbs
  • Use language features such as hyperbole, rhetorical questions, simile, metaphor, repetition

One Happy Birthday and the next day   

“Yes today it’s Saturday morning” i said to myself. Me and family went down to my grandads house. We went down to say a big happy birthday  Wow 84. And my grandad can still work. I stayed with him until we needed to go home. For some of the day grandad  was painting the house yet 84 and he can still paint. I think that’s a real gift but the worse thing about that he broke  the birthday code. Do you know the birthday law? That means you never work on your birthday yet go on an empty stomach. What a big code he broke for sure!. In luck mum came to be the DA DA DA DAHHH hero!. Did i get you? I know I did.

After we finished we went to go pick up my cousin mya we went home and chilled by the fire watching movies. The next morning we hopped out of bed and dressed while brushing my teeth. Next minute all i heard was“Are you guys ready to go yet!” mum
yelled at the top of her lungs “almost there” I responded. When i had heard her voice i ate as fast as i would like a crazed monkey. For the next 18 minutes I was playing a board game called DA DA DAHHH! Family feud! Sounds like fun right?.  

As normal i won every round because you know me the best of the best. When we got to my maere the lawns they looked awesome and the meare looked better than ever. The first thing we did was go down to the creek mya, DJ’ahn and me. One hour later, after we had finished looking for different rocks. We went for a swim the water. The water felt fresh but the stones were hurting my feet. For those few days i had fun with my family.