Friday, October 21, 2016

What's that sound?

This is my recount I have been working on. I hope to get ideas on what I did well and how I can write better.

I am learning how to use my speech marks correctly. And Use correct structure and language for recount writing correctly.   

I know that I learned something what I learned. Start each sentence with diffrent words. How to use my full stops at the right place.


is my house haunted?

On one very funny afternoon in the holidays we came inside and me and my sisters well, I should say me and one of My sisters sat down. We were getting ready to play some board games together.  

D’Jahn was outside while me and older sister, Shonagh, were stuck inside together. All we could hear was deep deep down silence. All of a sudden “can you hear that Shonagh?" I said “There it is again of course you can hear it”. “There it went again”  I said.  A few minutes later, that sound makes me scream,it felt like my eyes popped out. Shonagh grabbed me like  some sort of teddy bear. “Do I look like some person to grab and scream at I don’t think so”. I yelled at Shonagh, she is the older sister  she shouldn't be scared plus she pushed me of the chair and . Who does that to their little sis a lot of people when their scared, She would just kept on pushing me off that chair I mean right?. And so I had done it,

And IT IT WAS A,  A,  A….  “Ahh please don’t hurt me a Cat”, A few minutes later, I yelled “really shonagh? Really, a cat”. By the way that cat made me shake like crazy I mean come on it’s a cat and a cute one too but a cat. All I could do was laugh at Shonagh, and at how scared we were just, of a cat. I mean who’s scared of a little cat? The cat’s eyes were  as wide as a lion’s eyes. That day was awesome I mean I got to see my sister, Shonagh Scared up on a chair yelling at me to have a peek.   

                 So now I know my house is not haunted.