Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Let's Dance!

In our class we are learning about elements of dance. The dance element are body awareness, space and time. The ideas I like dancing to are growing also moonwalk and  many others.
We are making a class dance based on E-waste.

What things are  E-waste? well E-waste are devices that have become so out of fashion or that has been broken that we need a new one. What bad things are in them? All types of things for example batteries, circuit boards and lead. Back in the days were there phones like we have in our days now? The answer is no they didn’t it was so simple but when they came boom no one could get it out of there head and it was like I must have this new well every thing now in our days so just think do you want to change things up a bit?. Ask yourself that question.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Recount!

WALT use variety of sentences types simple, compound, complex (Level 4 adverb beginning)                                                    
                                                          Not A Fair Fight,
“Wake up” “wake up” I said in my head. On a lovely Friday afternoon just after a sleep once again I was…. Tortured by my brother Edward and beloved sister Shonagh. They made me and D’jahn fight Edward took my hands and made me punch D’jahn right in the face. Shonagh then grabbed D’jahns hands and punched my tooth out, “Ouch!”. What do we get out of this? I said fearlessly. Nothing. Dad came in the room.
“whats going on in here” said my dad with anger. “ my tooth came out ” I said sadly knowing I will never have my baby tooth again. Edward and Shonagh came back saying, “ can you both ask dad if he can get some KFC please “ they both said with sadness in there eye’s so we agreed to it. “Just this once“ I replied. Me and D’jahn asked and as always it was a yes.


                                                             Dinner Time,
Dad came back with KFC. “Now that smells yum if I can say so myself” Shonagh said with a dribble. As always, Edward was playing on his phone. “When do I get a phone” I said depressed. “When you're ready for one” dad replied. “but I am ready for one” I said back to him. “not just yet” dad said with a smile. When dad went outside with Angel our dog me and D’jahn would eat and then Shonagh and Edward came in for some. I was feeding them chips like they were my babies and when I stopped feeding them they went to D’jahn and she would slap them on the head and tell them to go away. A few minutes later this was when the fun had started.

                                                            Junk Food Time,
I thought to myself, How can I get food where is the food ? I know in my brothers room he has a whole heap of food in his room. Me and D’jahn hopped out creeped along the floor as quiet as a mice but to tell the truth mice are pretty loud. I must of been in heaven it was a world of variety full of food and drinks. A few minutes later, I was in the bed sick I knew that I was going to be sick and from there on I never ever went into my brothers room again.

 I will never forget the part when I saw my sister slap my brother Edward on the head, my feelings that day was happy, silly and sad.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Oh No Ants!!

For most of this term my group has been doing a inquiry around reclining I think one of the main parts that we did well was working together as one. Our main set task was to work together and we were successful at this. I enjoined the parts were we had happy and laughing moments.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Te Reo Maori

I am trying to learn how to say basic Te Reo Maori I think i have a long way to go before I achieve this goal but so for so good. I think the challenge in this was to try my best in how far I have gotten myself and how far I can go. I am trying to learn how to get the video on next time.

click on this link!    

Solving can be fun!!

This week i have been trying to learn about problem solving.I think I was successful in this next time i do something like this I will be able to do this way better.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Who likes to learn about coordinates?

This week I have been trying to learn about coordinates and how to plot them. I learned how to read them and plot them, also next time if I have other DLO like this one I think I will be more of a expert at this. I think I was successful throughout this sighed task. next time I will learn how to get my video up.

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