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In all of opinions, sportsmanship is all about being respectful. Respectful has so much to do with being a great sports person, right?. Sportsmanship is about all sort of things like. Honesty, respectful and cooperation. You can show sportsmanship by lending a help in hand or shaking hands with the opposite team. How easy does that sound?   

Being a respectful sports person means your showing, teammates and others how to be a awesome sports person. As a result they continue to show others including themselves how to be a cheerful sports person. Also, listening to people surrounding you is another way of showing sportsmanship. If your showing sportsmanship in other words your showing. Whakawhanaungatanga, tikanga and manaakitanga. These are the keys to being an awesome sports person. 

In conclusion sportsmanship is important because, your showing others including yourself how to use this topic respectfully and correctly.

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What is Friendship?

What Is Friendship?
friendship means?
Friendship is used ?
Friendship is important because

What Is Friendship?
Friendship Means?
Friendship means all sorts of things. Out of all opinions friendship means.
Being supportive. Also having a special relationship with somebody you care about.
Make them feel respected.
We all have special friends in our lives we can’t say no to this. Do you care about them?
You should. These are the keys to showing great friendship, being supportive,
making them feel respected and appreciated.  

How Is Friendship Used?
How is friendship used? It could be used in many ways.
Making them feel respected is one way.
Also another way is by offering them to join you and your friends.
They may say no, they may say yes. If you do this your off to a great start of friendship,
Make them feel appreciated.

Friendship Is Important Because
In conclusion, friendship is important because your making friends
and showing friendship at
the same time. Remember these, supportive, respected and appreciated.
Are the key to showing friendship.

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