Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Do you like plastic bags?

this week my class has been learning about how to write a persuasive all about saving our environment. I think i was very successful at this but i properly need some more lessons with my teacher. One thing i found hard was adding my emotive words in here. One thing i found easy was that i could write about how to save our environment. I thing i learned was that we all needed to ask some questions about why we need to help the environment. I hope you enjoy my persuasive!.

To be successful I will:
Use rhetorical questions to make my writing interesting
Use emotive language (words about feelings/emotions)

Plastic Bags

I believe that plastic bags should be illegal because it hurts the environment.

One of the reasons why I say this is because plastic bags create an environment full of worry and concern.
They must be put away for good, so that we are not killing and making our animals suffer a tragic death.  What does this make you feel angry disheartened and more determined to find a way to keep our environment safe.

What is making our environment die?
Plastic bags make up 50% percent as to why  our environment is suffering and much worse. We are making our environment die a tragic death. This is why we must to put plastic bags away for good. So let’s try not to use too much plastic bags but if you must you can try to reuse them.  I know this plan does not sound like much but this will means a lot to the earth and there will be no more rubbish for example plastic bags will no longer be here harming the environment, killing our sea life and hurting our birds.  

In summary, I believe plastic bags should be illegal because it hurts the environment.  

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Emotive language

This is my emotive language task and i have been learning how to write emotive language in my persuasive writings i hope you like it.

What is plastic fantastic?

This week i have been reading this book and we are doing a Q and A DLO. The name of the book is called plastic fantastic this book makes me think about our plastic bags and i ask myself are plastic bags a problem? Yes they are so go check this out. it will tell you everything you need to know.

Do you use strategy's?

This is one of my DLO strategy's and i have been learning how to put them in order by using my strategy's. One thing i liked about this is that we could be creative about it i hope you have fun.