Thursday, September 14, 2017

To many numbers!

This week we were doing some problem solving, to learn about place value. WALT: Learn to share ideas with other people.   

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Still working!

WALT improve our vocabulary by using words and phrases that enhance the feeling of our recounts (fear or sadness)

In class I needed to write a recount from the perspective (view) of a child working in a sweatshop. I chose to be a kid working in a Hasbro work shop. I think that I was successful because, I use descriptive words and phrases to enhance the mood of fear or sadness.
was I learning in writing? 
In writing I was learning how to use disruptive words and different moods like fear and sadness.  

                          A Day At The Hasbro workshop.

On Thursday I was late for work.
When I walked in the boss stormed out his office. “Is this a joke to you!” He said with a frightening voice. “ No I, sorry i’ll never be late again” my heart pouned like a drum.

As I sat down to have lunch I reminded myself about this morning “I never want to feel like that again” I said to tyra; Out of everyone in the factory my only friend was Tyra she was the only person that was nice to me.  

We worked all day sometimes I wish I could go to school. At 6:00 pm. We all had a one minute break even that wasn’t enough time to eat. As we all went back to work I saw a worker fanit. My body froze in shock. My boss came down “What happened wake her up and tell her to get back to work” he shouted. An  hour later, the worker woke up. “Master said to tell you to get back to work” I had said with a frown.

At 10:00pm,  I felt like I will never live the dream of going to school and getting a family of my own I thought to myself. As I sat there eating my lunch I could feel happiness bubbling throughout me, for I knew it was almost bed in 30 min. But as I just felt like that the boss came out and said. “You can all work for another hour” he said with no sadness. I worked to 11:00pm. I was so happy that the day was over.